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Throughout the course of the Pleased To Meet You project, Gastro-Direct jumped on the bandwagon to supply them with their light-goods. We supplied them with a variety of different products from crockery to cleaning products

We have included a short list of light equipment in this blog, which you will see further down the page. This list consists of similar equipment we supplied throughout the project of Pleased To Meet You. We wanted to include a short list to help you understand the types of products we can provide you or your restaurant with! If you are opening your own restaurant, café, bar or pub, hotel or guest house or you just fancy a change? Make sure you look through our website and find some products you like! (Our Gastro-Direct team will be happy to help; ring on 0191 414 2882 and ask for Gastro-Direct). 

Like always, a huge thank you to the Gastro-Direct team, (Neil, Sophie & Zoe), who work tirelessly to make sure our customers are always satisfied. 


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 Pleased To Meet You Lifestyle Picture, Serving Stands  Pleased To Meet You Interior DesignPleased To Meet You Newcastle Exterior Building Design   Pleased To Meet You Plate

     Terra Porcelain Rustic Copper Ramekin 7cl / 2.5oz - Pack Of 12 = £42.00

     Brown Copper Ramekin For Table Service  Lifestyle For Copper Ramekin Lifestyle For Brown Copper Ramekin


    Flint Reactive Dip Bowl 11 x 5cm - Pack Of 12 = £55.20

    Flint Dip Bowl For Table Service And Restaurants  Lifestyle Of Flint Bowl For Food, Restaurants and table service  Lifestyle of flint bowl for food, restaurants and table service

    Copper & Acrylic Salt / Pepper Grinder 14cm =  £12.00

    Salt And Pepper shakers, perfect for table presentation and table service  Salt and pepper shakers, perfect for table service and table presentationSalt and pepper shakers, perfect for table service and table presentation


     Bib Apron polycotton Navy Blue £9.50

    Bib Apron Navy Blue For commercial style kitchens staff, or normal customers  Lifestyle Model Of bib apron, navy blue. For commercial style kitchen staff, or normal customers  Birds Eye View of blue bib apron navy blue, for commercial style kitchen staff, or normal customers.


     Rubbermaid Slim Jim With Venting Channels 87L - Grey = £46.00

    Slim Jim Bin Perfect For Commercial Style Kitchens or Schools  Slim Jim Bin Perfect For Schools Or Commercial Style Kitchens  Slim Jim Bin perfect for schools or commercial style kitchens


     Stainless Steel Ramekin 1.5oz - Pack Of 12 = £4.00

    Stainless Steel Ramekin, Perfect for condiments such as tomato sauce etc. Perfect for table service, and table presentation.  Stainless Steel Ramekin, perfect for condiments such as tomato sauce and others. Perfect for table presentation and table service


     Unox Det & Rinse = £120.00

    Unox Det and Rinse, for unox combi ovens  Unox Det And Rinse For Combi Oven


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     To visit some product pages :)

    - Crockery 
    - Cutlery 
    - Cleaning Supplies 
    - Kitchen Utensils 
    - Table Service 
    - Clothing & Footwear 

    Like always, if you have any questions on content displayed on this page, don't hesitate to leave a comment, and we will be happy to help!


    • Well done Gastro-Direct. All looks great

      Harriet Burke
    • I’ve actually been to both of the Pleased to meet you, lovely food and aesthetic in both, very well done

      Vicky Cummings

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