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GastroNorth have recently finalised a project in Beamish Museum, the North East's most popular visitor attraction. Throughout the course of the project, our amazing Gastro-Direct team worked very hard to supply Beamish with their light goods, from front of house products, to lighter products for the kitchen! 

Beamish Museum recently opened the 1950s Front Street terrace which includes a recreation of John’s Café, from Wingate, County Durham using original elements from the original café, a replica of Middleton’s Quality Fish and Chips from Middleton St George, near Darlington, a hairdresser’s where visitors can get their hair done in the 1950s style, and a house based on the former home of artist Norman Cornish.

Beamish chose products from our catalogues that would fit in with the 1950s era, which is where our Gastro-Direct team worked extremely hard to perpetrate their part in the project. 

Before we move onto the Light-goods we supplied throughout the project, here are some pictures of the Commercial Kitchen Project GastroNorth completed at Beamish Museum:


Commercial Kitchen Kitchen At Beamish Museum

Some Light Goods We Supplied

Banana Split Ice Cream Dish

Chicago Ice Cream Cups

Hollywood Glass Coffee Mugs


Alaska Ice Cream Cup


Rock Bar Beverage Glass


Oil and Vinegar Cruets


Rectangular Gourmet Plate


Rice Bowl


Barista Foaming Jug


Fast Food Trays


Fly Killers




Mixing Bowl


Plate Rack


Bowl Rack


Flat Rack


Measuring Jug


Gastronorm Containers


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