Product Price Match

Lets see if we can beat our competitors price!

Sophie Carr Sales Administrator Gastro-DirectNeil Anderson, Sales Exc FieldZoe Whitfield, Sales Manager Gastro-Direct

If you don't know them already, the three faces above are the faces of our amazing Gastro-Direct team! Our sales team are the best at satisfying our customers with reasonable prices, and answering queries as quick as possible.


We decided to bring out a new feature on our website, where a customer like yourself, can quickly enquire about getting cheaper prices on products! We have lots of customers who come to us weekly and monthly, with the same list of products. While each product may not cost much, if you're ordering it weekly or monthly, them pennies quickly build in. As you will know, each penny in business matters! That's why you should take 10 seconds out of your day, to see if we can get them cheaper for you! 


All you need to include in the email is a list of products that you purchase weekly or monthly, and the website(s) that you purchase the products from! If you would kindly add the prices next to the product so we know what to beat!



We price match any product, it isn't just for the weekly or monthly products! Feel free to enquire about crockery, cutlery, glassware, bakeware, cookware, gastronorms etc. We would love to save you some money!