Direct supply of heavy and light catering equipment

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  • What's your returns Policy?

    We pack your goods very carefully to prevent damage. On receipt unpack the parcel carefully and check items received against the delivery note please look for any damage to the parcel before you sign the delivery note.

    Please note: It is the Purchasers responsibility to inspect the equipment at the time of taking delivery. Should equipment arrive damaged, the delivery note, driver's paperwork or electronic pad should be endorsed accordingly and the Company notified immediately by phone and must be in sent in writing by e-mail, fax or letter within 48 hours. We will then take the appropriate action.

    You have the right to refuse delivery of a damaged item, please inform us immediately by telephone or email if this is the case.

    Claims for damage will not be entertained on a clear signature or if signed unexamined, the Purchaser shall be deemed to have accepted the goods and shall be bound to make payment therefore on the due date.